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Lona Kozik

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Lona Kozik was born and raised on military bases across the United States and in the United Kingdom. She studied music at West Chester University (piano and composition) and the University of Pennsylvania (composition). She has written music for small chamber ensembles, solo piano, voice and piano and jazz ensemble; her music has been performed in the UK, France, the Czech Republic and various parts of the United States and Canada. Lona is currently performing, composing and teaching at her home in Devon, England.
Lona's compositions are championed by the American pianist Danny Holt whose performances of her etudes "Fast Jump" have been acclaimed in many venues in America and Britain. Mr. Holt is currently recording these pieces for issue on CD.

Chamber Works:
Reflections of a Theme
for two flutes, oboe, clarinet, viola and cello

for flute and piano

piano trio

Vocal Works:
Four Poems of Emily Dickinson
mezzo-soprano and piano

mezzo-soprano and piano

Between Memories and Wishes: Four Haiku by Basho
mezzo-soprano and piano

Solo Piano Works:
Suite of Carnatic Rhythms

Suite for Annamaria

Fast Jump: etudes and interludes for solo piano



Leechwell Flat
Leechwell Street
Totnes, Devon

Danny Holt

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